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Zagorje gradnja d.o.o.

for construction, services and commerce


Zagrebačka road 26, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Tel: 01/3770-520

Fax: 01/3772-561

E-mail: zagorje-gradnja@zagorje-gradnja.hr


Orešje Gornje

10320 Sv. Ivan Zelina

Company data:

IBAN: HR40 2340 009110021260 0

MB: 1315854

OIB: 24590198805

MBS: 080169832

Enrolled in the register of the Commercial Court in Zagreb, solution no.

Tt-11/7186-2 MBS 080169832

The share capital of HRK 2,464,000.00 fully paid.

Founders / Owners: Rudolf Sekušak i Marko Sekušak dipl.oec.

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