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Company ZAGORJE BUILDING d.o.o. established in 1997. as a logical sequence of trades ZAGORJE BUILDING property Rudolf Sekušak which has operated since in 1977. year.

The main activity of the company is providing services in the field of engineering.

The company operates from the first day of the principle of sustainable development constant and balanced growth and expansion in the area of civil engineering markets.

From the very beginning of our business focus was on the quality of work and deadlines, and it is very important to note that objects surrender without a subsequent complaint, which is a rarity in today’s circumstances.

We are recognized and highly quality and professional personnel, as well as technologically sophisticated equipment that only the mechanization includes 40 construction machinery.

Till today Zagorje construction is a profitable enterprise in which they work happy and well-paid employees, whereby realized and share the profit of the company.

In its composition Zagorje construction d.o.o. and a sister company Kaming dd and Premužić trans d.o.o.

Zagorje gradnja d.o.o.

construction, services and trade

Zagrebačka cesta 26, 10000 Zagreb Hrvatska


Phone: (+385)01/3770-520 Fax: (+385)01/3772-561

E-mail: zagorje-gradnja@zagorje-gradnja.hr

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Violeta, factory building

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Highway Ravča-Ploče

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